OCAD - the smart software for cartography

OCAD is a software program for drawing maps of all types (e.g. topographic maps, city maps, hiking and biking maps, Internet maps). Specific cartographic drawing and editing tools have been implemented, such as an ingenious map symbol editor, automatic disabling of street sidelines in junctions, Bezier curve, line tracing, Snapping, influencing the position of the sections of dashed lines, Rubbersheeting to rectify distortions, georeferencing, deriving contour lines and profiles from Digital Elevation Models etc.

However, OCAD is more than a map drawing software. OCAD provides you with a powerful software package for producing any kind of maps, by interchanging within the following fields: Geodata Capture (mobile application), Import and Export of Geodata, Desktop Publishing (DTP), and creating Internet Maps.

DESKIS - professional software for forestry companies

Deskis is a software company who is specialized GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and forestry software in primarly. They have 15 years experiences, great interest and missioon to contribute to enhancing the capabilities of information technology in the field of forestry.